GrooveFunnels Lifetime Upgrade With Onetime Fee

Hi all! Khondoker here. Today, I’d like to talk to all those members who signed up for the GrooveFunnels FREE account, but didn’t upgrade to the PLATINUM Lifetime Account!

I know many of you didn’t upgrade your account! Because the majority of my referrals didn’t, even if they are members of the private Facebook group, and saw all the benefits this all-in-one digital marketing suite is offering!

You may have lost many opportunities in the past and undoubtedly will lose some in the future, but this OPPORTUNITY is real, and you still have time to jump on it!

Image of Mike Filsaime- MD of Groove Digital

I’m not going to talk about how professional and trustworthy are the founders of this software suite, with a long term ‘proven track record,’ (Google ‘Mike Filsaime!”) nor I will talk about how unique this suite of tools, what matters is the OPPORTUNITY!

Well, what is this OPPORTUNITY you are talking about? I don’t see it!
Hold on, and read this, because I will show you how BIG this opportunity is:

First of all, if you are here, you have or want to build an online business and to do that, you need knowledge and tools!

Both knowledge and tools are required to succeed, and you’ll have to invest in yourself and your business. Otherwise, you won’t get too far.

Now, the OPPORTUNITY you may not see is, the platform is giving you the knowledge for FREE. The tools for a low price are also compared with any other tools out there!

Comparison of GrooveFunnels with other software in the market

Even if you don’t need all those tools now, you’ll need them in the future, trust me!

So, this first OPPORTUNITY is “Cost Opportunity.” you make a small investment today to save thousands per year in the long run!

The second OPPORTUNITY, I like to call it the “Profit Opportunity”!

Why? Because you can promote the suite and get a 40% commission! Plus, 10% from sub-affiliates! While Free account would get you only 20% commission!

Commission difference between free & paid membership of GrooveFunnels

So, here I would like to trough in some numbers. Let’s say you pay $1,397 today and start promoting the software; people who sign-up and upgrade their account will pay $1,897 starting September 1st, 2020. You get 40% commission, a whopping $758.80, which means you only need to refer two people and make back more than you paid; at that point, you got the software FREE.

Don’t you think you’ll be able to refer two people and make your investment back?
If your answer is NO, please rethink if you want to build a business, or go back to your 9 to 5 job!

Building a business is all about selling, and if you cannot sell this fantastic suite of tools, you won’t be able to sell anything online.

Finally, the last OPPORTUNITY is “Asset Opportunity”. Adding this suite of tools to your business is adding an asset that will bring you profits each and every day, without the monthly cost of other tools out there.

Let’s imagine, one day, you decide to sell your business, and you include this software in the pack. That will increase the value of the company for sure!

GrooveFunnels Apps list

Also think that you have the possibility of generating multiple streams of income using the suite! You can build websites & funnels! You can send emails, you can host videos, you can sell physical and digital products, and I can go on and on, but you already know it!

I know what you may be thinking! YES Khondoker, now I see the OPPORTUNITY, but I can’t afford this now, I’ll upgrade my account later!

Of course, you can upgrade your account later, even when there will be a monthly recurring fee! But that’s not an opportunity, because you’ll pay more, you’ll get fewer features! And you’ll miss potential commissions which may have paid off your investment.
So to finish, I’ll give you a tip:

UPGRADE your account before September 1st, 2020, to secure the lowest price ever!

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